Monthly Archives: September 2009

Management, Adam Resurrected

Management is a great little film, not a comedy as advertised but worth the watch, definitely hit home for me. Adam is one of the strangest Holocaust films I have ever seen…strange but well made.

Dark Crystal, Away We Go, Lies & Illusions, Brothers Bloom

Dark Crystal came across great to Blu. Away We Go was a great little indie that will probably create some whiners about being bored or “indie traps” – screw em…good film. Lies & Illusions is absolute crap. Brothers Bloom IS great! Give it a watch.

Sleep Dealer, Landscape #2

Sleep Dealer is an obscure little indie out of South America. Interesting premise with ScyFy channel effects but worth your time. Landscape #2 is a brutal yet relevant European film.

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, Lymelife, Battle for Terra

Ghosts was corny, light but Michael Douglas makes it worth the time; Lymelife – good solid film, Terra is a great animation film for everyone.

Camille, Anti Terrorist Cell ManHunt

Two of the worst films I have seen this quarter…HORRIBLE.

Local Color, Sunny in Philly S4

Local Color is a great film and a good story, hope you can see it. Needed my laugh fix this month so I have invested some worthwhile time following the most immoral cast you will ever see on the screen – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – sore from laughing.

Randy and the Mob

Fun little Southern comedy – worth the time on a light evening rental.

Sugar, Scrubs S8, Sin Nombre

Sugar was an excellent film as was Sin Nombre – highly recommend both. After those two I needed to laugh so I finally finished my Scrubs, last season last episode – great way to end a series. Would actually be disappointed if this restart goes all the way through…