Monthly Archives: December 2009

United States of Tara, A Perfect Getaway, Weather Girl

United States of Tara is outstanding – give it a try. Perfect Getaway was lame, Weather Girl was cute and enjoyable.

AVATAR – Amazing!!!

What an amazing film – one of the best experiences I have ever had in my movie watching days. Cannot recommend enough to go see it – if you cannot afford it come see me at the store and I will help you get there.

Skeptic, Other Man, Hangover, Basterds

Skeptic – big whatever…lame. Other Man – not the biggest fan of this but there are those out there arguing how superior and grand it is – even bigger whatever, but a side note on Linney’s nude pictures – they were beautiful…Hangover was great fun and Basters was Tarantino indulging again; if you embrace Quentin you will adore this film.

Vicious Circle, 3:10 to Yuma Blu, Appaloosa Blu

VC was a good little film no one will watch – artsy but good. Was in a Western mood: a little wine and a little reminder of what an emotional dad/son flick can feel like – 3:10 and Ben Foster’s performance of loyalty makes any Western feel paled – Appaloosa is still right up there with one of the best friendship films ever made after Unforgiven.

Humble Pie, Public Enemies, World’s Greatest Dad

Humble Pie is a great little film. Public Enemies is fine, not what I had hoped for in the historical department – but Mann had some awesome attention to props, World’s Greatest Dad is a depressing, unfunny and lame film – skipper all the way.

Julie & Julia, Carriers, Jeff Dunham XMas

Julie & Julia is such a great film – I had reservations about it with the amount of ladies pleading for this film the last 2 months – but I REALLY liked how cute (not my best wording but oh well) this was.

Carriers is Pine’s latest and I was unimpressed – customers were picking it apart like crazy while it played in the store; how many times can you load/chamber a round the same gun/same scene before it gets really stupid? (for the record it was 4). He has a good screen presence though.

Rewatched Jeff Dunham XMas Special from last year in the store last night and it had people cracking up with laughter.

Term Salvation, How I Met Your Mom, Cutthroat Island

Terminator sucked the big kahuna – what a turd. How I Met Your Mom is my latest addiction – great series (customers kept telling me I needed to watch it)…did some old school watching last night for Cutthroat Island – stupid movie but awesome 7.1 BD sound – NICE.