Monthly Archives: January 2010

New York I love You, Universal Soldier BDs

New York was a nice ensemble director/actor piece. Each story starts out like wtf, then it throws a nice emotional twist at you. UniSol got the main two guys to come back, cheesy yes – but still a good Blu.

In a Day, Alone in Dark 2, Give em Hell Malone

The skippers of the week…bad Brit acting, absolute crap follow up to Slater’s first film and Thomas Jane hamming it up for the noir cause…what a waste of time.

Some crap for Blu this week also…

I am all for parody on religion but the it just ran long..BD was below average. Whiteout sucked shank all the way around – and she is one of the hottest gals in Hollywood right now…sheesh.

Some awesome BDs this week…

Smokin Aces 2 sucked but was a good Blu – Pandorum was a great scifi, Gamer was a miserable plot but had some great visuals and a solid BD for supplements.

Sexual dysfunction week…

There are some seriously repressed writers in the system right now – I had the “pleasure” of watching these two in the same week…sick sex films – I am all for a good sex content film but these two leave you scarred….damn.

Latest TV Show

Have been a loyal follower even though I do not partake in the product that titles this show…but it maintains a certain piss on the man kind of feel to it…this was not my favorite season but I still enjoy it..

Moon, Burning Plain, In the Loop

Moon was an excellent piece for Rockwell, Burning Plain was an outstanding film – highly recommend both…

50 Dead Men, Cloudy Meatballs, Lorna’s Silence

50 Dead Men Walking was a subpar Blu but a decent historical film. Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs is a ton of fun – great Blu. Lorna’s Silence had a strong showing but a disappointing DVD.