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Casa Nostra for Breakfast

Finally got a chance to have some delicious breakfast & a cappuccino in Ben Lomond. I had the broccoli/cheese/tomato omelette…what actually made me like this dish was there is finally a breakfast place in the Valley that has edible side-potatoes. They are seasoned heavily and are also cooked to just the right crispness (the other four spots I have eaten at have barely edible taters). The eggs were not saturated in bad flavorings/oils so the veggies and cheese allow for their own flavors…makes it just right.


The friendly ear and honest conversation at the bar always makes for a great environment…thanks again guys – hopefully one of these times you can teach me about this mushroom hunting you are so successful at..

As a side note – these lights are everywhere in restaurants around here! Definitely the single largest decor trend I have seen in years…even coffee shops (the Verve) and clothing stores throughout mid-county…

Finally got the business cards done…

They have that new UV coating on them so they shine…can’t tell here…felt good to get these done though…

IMG_0001 IMG_0002

An article I submitted that didn’t get published…wanted to share anyway…

Was trying to pitch this to my editor for a semi-regular submission…any input?

(Holidays 2012/2013)…

Upon finally ending the day inside the local brewery, I chose to try and be invisible to the bustling masses having their beers and sharing meals. Most people there know me from one venture or another, so maybe the levels of their voices afford me an eavesdropper’s bliss, but I also think that maybe they just don’t care what anyone hears around them, so I listen.


It felt like a slice of Boulder Creek life was transpiring before me on a busy weekend evening, maybe not representing any nationwide group, but it definitely felt like a genuine moment of sharing; Sharing a passing hour that will be lost in time and probably forgotten by most that were there. Maybe that is what I have been wishing for in all this effort of taking photos and writing notes; recording what is so easily forgotten.

A listing of the souls around me, a representation of sorts:

The weathered locals discussing their love, pain and loneliness with each other, especially one lady who speaks of not having shared time with a man in some long measure of recent moments,
The travelers passing through looking aimlessly about at the surroundings of our local pub,
The attractive young non-SLV-native couples meeting from across the bar, talking of their plans upon this new town they have moved into,
The lifelong valley soul pushing his way through the crowd looking hardened and forlorn, he doesn’t have to ask for his beer, it just appears,
The career bartender offering this beer with a smile, no one knowing all of her personal tribulations since most never seem to listen anyway,
ZZ Top blasts away on the speakers as the Cotton Bowl silently plays upon the displays only a few people glance at with those aimless stares we all know,
The career server that answers the what’s good question with “everything”, delivering the line as to not make the customers sure if he is serious or not,
The irritating cell phone caller letting everyone know his butt hurts from doing something worth nothing, but at least the children in the booth next to him are getting an early awareness training on how not to be “that jerk” in a restaurant,
The young brewer checking gauges and scribbling notes that most of us just wonder what he is actually doing – but while still molding his beer upon the local patrons in this one-brewery town,
Several bearded pre-drunkards stumble in and make sure they advise the rookie server how they have drank longer than his young life has blessed this planet, and lastly –
The obvious first date couple ending their evening as the man nervously fumbles for some cash, apparently not sure how much to tip as her eyes watch for just that allowance, possibly sizing up if he is a generous man or not…

And finally as I sip my last bit of local brew for the night, Blondie screams through the speakers to “call me anytime” and I then hope for everything I watched and recorded that evening might have a positive fruition – none of which I will probably ever know. Maybe that first date will call him for another dinner, or that the hardened local will be happy again, or that those young couples continue to find their obvious early bliss, or that one lady finds a moment with a man soon, or that caller grows an inkling of public politeness, and or maybe most of all – this writer finds sharing these moments to be worthy of your time, and a slice of life in Boulder Creek gets remembered for one brief moment.

BC Brewery – round 47, plus awesome specials this week…

No mystery for anyone really where I enjoy spending my time when sad – and happy – but with the plethora of “happy love” crap I had to endure today, the staff at the BC Brewery once again made me feel special and welcome when feeling down…this week they have that strawberry salad special that I LOVE!

Plus Judd had some amazing ahi (I believe) that he was prepping. I am not a seafood guy so I hope this does not go to waste but apparently it is the foshizel.

He had a red garment on this evening – great color for this festive night of people sharing their love and whatever…feel bad for those of us in the majority that have to deal with this muck when alone…

A “Pitch Perfect” “Flight” with “7 Psychopaths” after “Celeste & Jesse 4ever”

The last movie I thought I would be watching was one my daughter kept going on about because of the dreaded singing-teen factor…but lo and behold I actually enjoyed the film. The songs were good, some of the ladies were fun to watch, and the cheese factor for that stupid romance crap wasn’t too dreadful. BluRay has lots of special features AS LONG AS you do not get the “rental ready” version.

Putting a hot naked chick into the first four minutes of your film (granted every guy on this planet has wanted Nadine Velazquez naked for years) does not guarantee success (totally gratuitous scene), and already knowing the crash sequence looked epic – I was hoping for the best. Yes Denzel can act amazingly, but this movie was just a bore. Watching an alcoholic devolve into what the end of the film becomes was just plain depressing. Nothing like villifying (sp) a hero – truly the equivalent if Sully would have been drinking but he still saved everyone and he is a hero…poor premise here.

Probably should not have watched Celeste and Jesse with my current situation – and I will never watch it again with the volume or triggers in this…but it was still a good film. Story was relevant, the performances solid and the writing true to form. An improvement for Samberg.

7 Psychopaths was great. Colin Ferrel does not have to hide his accent, Woody gets to be a nutjob again, and I like that the writers took a lot of risks right from the beginning, including killing off two known actors at the start (Pitt & Stuhlbarg). Yes, lots of complaints about violence in this one but what did you expect? Turn off the believability factor with some of this as it is a story within a story – and I think you will dig it.


Still working on that elusive sunray shot…