My BCE Bus Driver 4 Decades Ago – Also Skypark and the Boardwalk

What started as a spontaneous history talk in a local store once again turned into me scanning more pics on each side of the album page from where I had originally sought just one picture.

My bus driver from many moons ago who virtually all children that went to Boulder Creek Elementary in the 1970s and 80s will remember – was Mrs. Young. I ran into her this week and we had some fun moments remembering how things were long ago. The people listening were fascinated to hear about how different the buses were before they all went to the “suicide” fronts later in the 80s (no engines in front anymore).

This was the famous Bus #32 doing the Highway 9 route and picking me up at what the front entrance to Meadowood used to look like…

As I looked through the surrounding pages of this particular family album I noticed some backgrounds that have drastically changed since the time of disco and Woodstock buses.


This one of Skypark when people could still fly into Scotts Valley caught my eye. Our family is shown here being flown out by another family member. The barren hillside (from the quarry) behind the plane is something I always recall as a kid driving through the sandhills. The following pics are from the Boardwalk.

Shown here are some of my cousin Greg Miller, friend Tim Wells and mom. This is looking towards East Cliff and that park hill. I am going to try and shoot this spot and see how much of the housing and fauna have changed in four decades. The reason I included this other one (with my great-grandma Lyon) was the cars in the background. That was the best part of the Boardwalk; those cars you could actually drive on the track (where that kids area is now). Those were the only vehicles I drove outside of the ranch until I was old enough.


Santa Cruz Boardwalk – 1976

I showed this one more for the fun of the clothing than the trestle and what was the new building overlooking the river mouth. Jennifer Miller, Kathryn Robechaud and Jerryne King (Philleo) also shown here. I will keep this one short…just thought a few of you might like the backgrounds…


2 responses to “My BCE Bus Driver 4 Decades Ago – Also Skypark and the Boardwalk

  1. Elisabeth Lager

    Loved your pictures, Steve!
    75/76 was my favorite year:-)
    Love Liz (Norway)

  2. The bus depicted is Virginia’s #11. Think she took that bus home. I remember riding #32 (International) my first 3rd grade day at Quail Hollow in 1973. You probably rode it after the Prop 13 reorg in 1980. SLV dumped 7 conventionals and my regular #9 ride (really old Gillig) and took in 3 new full size Gilligs. One of those was #2 which stayed in service 35 years, longer than any other. It was replaced by a Thomas in 2013. Somewhere in storage are a couple of pics from 1981. I moved out of SLV 40 years ago but regularly come back. I’ll be there week after next. My name is Jon Welman and I dispatch at LA County Fire. Listen on 5-0 Radio.

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