Two Generations of Fire Service (of the four that exist in our family)

I have no reminisce of anniversary or cause of date for this post – other than to share with others what two people tried to give to others here in our valley…my dad gave so eloquently upon the taxpayers of BCFPD thru financial skill and eloquent leadership – me to the people that called for help and needed a hand to pull them from their temporary moments of hell…

Four Generations: (My great-grandfather served in Michigan as a firefighter in Wolverine, my grandfather in Lake Havasu City as a founding member and leader – and then Dad from the 1960s up to the 2010s)…and then I thru various years)

We both left that department we loved unwillingly – his thru death and mine thru the narrow-minded actions of others…but somehow we will talk again someday of this department and town…like we did thru the years that so many could never understand or know about because of internal or external conflict that could affect the betterment of others…

Moments lost in time…

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