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Showing Your Children a Beloved Story

(post removed..)..All of the posts containing her name(s) or ways of identification have been removed at request from the last 7 years…as much as it hurts and makes me so sad…I still always do what a beloved asks…I hope someday to be enough to someone – together or not – that relishes in the story and shares in those times openly because I may actually be worth it..


A worthy read that hits a great deal of how I feel..

The Lack of Gentle Platonic Touch in Men’s Lives is a Killer


Added Some Rose Updates on fb

Loved how some of the pics turned out so shared the story over there on the SLV Steve feed…

Roses of Intimacy

A frequent disbursement of my garden occurs during the flowering seasons – but without boring the masses of my thrills in paying it forward and being responsible for creating smiles upon the feminine divine with my simple actions, let me just say: I hand out roses to provide a genuine moment of intimacy between people that is defined outside the physical/biological realm; Just genuine platonic caring and happiness through a brief shared moment. This sign adorns my garden summing up the situation…


This particular rose found its way to a lady who I saw as having difficult times personally – so I took it to her place of work and gently gave it to her. She cried quietly and shared that no man had given her a rose in over four years. What is wrong with this world??? Simple acts of genuine sharing could make even one person’s life brighter for a brief time…but add those times up and suddenly you could have a whole life being filled with love.


Then I got a little crazy and shared several roses from work (on my dinner break) with the beautiful staff at Mint Cafe in Scotts Valley. Michelle and the staff there are such amazing and vibrant ladies (and yes; there is the owner Ed – not beautiful in the feminine sense but he has kept me in check through my years of continued loyalty to his establishment and offers direct yet sage advice when needed). Watching all of the lady staff light up in a restaurant definitely makes the food taste better by the way.




I refer some to this blog in hopes of convincing them that my motives are genuine – and they are. Please accept these gifts I share in hopes that your day and maybe even week goes just slightly better than planned because a fellow man offered a rose of intimacy merely so the whole world could be brighter for a brief second….thank you for listening.

Great Tips on Couples Shoots…I try all of these..


So much love out there when you look around…


A Walk Together…(part of my love series)

A walk together in nature or in your own neighborhood – it can make for such a vital part of relationship building…I know these two ladies and they have been together awhile…I feel inspired to see that kind of love still flourishing between two intimates as the years pass…