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A Reminder of Why I Take the Pics I do

Some of my public pics this year…

I wish I could share all of the others – but some of the shoots I do are for those souls only – but still beautiful in so many ways. Just felt like sharing what I have left in this life that gives something to the area I live within…so much of my film work is cataloged at the firehouse…I hope should any of you wish to see those pics that you can go to the BCFD office and ask to be able to look through the albums in there..anything from the early 1990s through 2005 was typically taken by me…Leo Kuhnlein before that time frame…


Movie History for Boulder Creek – c. 1991 and 2003

The following pics are for two films made over the last few decades in Boulder Creek. Felt like a nice reason for a 25-year anniversary post aboiut our town. Out on a Limb, starring Matthew Broderick and Jeffrey Jones was filmed in town as Welcome to Buzzsaw over the early spring of 1991. It was released a year later to less than stellar income and reviews. But it helped immortalize another era of town. Grave’s End follows at the end of this post.

Welcome to Buzzsaw (Out on a Limb) c. 1991

I was going through my black and white film phase – and the grain and grit are from years of storage in a the glue bindings (that at the time were deemed safe but have now proven to be detrimental to long-term storage). I didn’t budget the time to remove the hours worth of grit – just adds to it I guess.

This whole season of Universal filming was fun for the town and the fire department. SO many memories of good and bad over those six weeks – the most unusual being that the fire department still held our annual Fireman’s Ball while the entire firehouse was unavailable for usage (since movie props, stages and equipment filled the fire hall and surrounding venue). The movie company installed huge tents for us to hold our function as to keep everyone out of the weather. And trust me when I say the stories of that night were ‘epic in nature’ would be an understatement…stories we will tell our kids someday I suppose.


^The many nights of Highway 9 being closed and the rain truck filling the streets with water…


The front of the fire station after becoming a bank…^

The famous fire service hero Ray Landi posing in front of the old post office (police station) – also pictured Limp Minoggi:


The love of my life patrolling the closed off streets of Buzzsaw. No one understood what the hell she saw in me – but those years of being the young fire dude dating the gorgeous local CHP officer were some of the best of my life – and stumped everyone else. Thank you Veronica for everything – you are a beautiful soul.


Now the BC New Leaf – but then the only real park this locale had seen in the downtown since 1939 (when the fire station was built on the only downtown park):



^Everyone always remembers the name Joe’s Bar became as the movie props stayed behind to this day in there…


^The inside of the fire station hall – became the bank, complete with a vault and cameras.



Town even had a lingerie shop!


Grave’s End c. 2003

This group had their fun personalities but I was most interested in the X-Files guy – cool dude. The office trinkets of our (then) fire chief get immortalized on film. The story behind the horrible pics is this movie was never released in the United States. When I had the movie store I carried DVD players that can handle discs from around the world (as this was only released in Germany). I still hold on to these nostalgic titles and access so others can see them through the years.

Fire station office:




River Road in Brookdale:




Boy Scout Camp off Bear Creek Road:


Mountain Store:


Blake Hammond:







Mountain Store:


Highway 9 looking towards what would become Burger 9:



Facebook thread discussing each pic also..

Two Decades in the Life of Downtown Boulder Creek (north end)

Some decent representations of the changes downtown went through in less than 15 years. I know only a couple of the pics as being taken by Leo Kuhnlein…unknown credit on the others. Leo was the fire department photographer prior to me taking on most of those duties from somewhere in 1990/1991…

A pancake breakfast line in the old days…(still in my lifetime though I believe)


Between these two pics you can see the buildings on the Liberty Bank side, then the empty lot that became the BCFD tree sale location for years…

Pep Rocca’s green/white pickup parked on the street there..

Facing south. The Chevron/Standard station (long since torn down).


And finally a pic from 1961 showing what the rec district yard and building used to look like.


And finally the new construction can be seen for what would become Liberty Bank…